Thursday, January 24, 2013


Welcome to Generic Hospice.  I'm StrangeTony, not to be confused with the CEO of Gentiva, a gentleman named Tony Strange.  I work in a hospice that once provided outstanding, personal care to patients.  Then our hospice merged into another company and then another.

Change meant doing more with less, a common refrain in today's corporate world. Outstanding nurses left after years with no raises.  Apparently marketing people breed and die like mice.  They came in droves, scurried around, then moved on to other jobs or perished.  It's not clear which.

Generic Hospice removed the heart from our hospice, replacing it with randomly changing rules, admission goals and EBDITA targets.  Fortunately, we have a bereavement person to help me grieve the loss of the unique and special service we once provided.  It died 1-9-12. This blog rises from those ashes.


  1. StrangeTony, I work at the company you mention in your post. Can I send you information sometimes? Post what you find interesting.

  2. I'm hoping people like you find this blog and share their stories. Send away.