Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gentiva Has 32,000 More Employees to Ignore


Gentiva's acquisition of Harden Healthcare added:

  • 160 locations, an increase of 38%
  • Over 25,000 patients, an increase of  29%
  • 32,000 employees, an increase of 210%

Gentiva had over 5.5 patients per employee in 2012.  The differential implies Harden had 0.8 patients per employee (25,000 patients/32,000 employees).  Could Community Care's 31 locations have distorted the numbers so greatly?  If yes, that's a staff intensive product line (quantity wise).   

The end result is Gentiva has triple the number of employees to ignore. 


1 comment:

  1. A large portion of Community Care employees are part-time minimum wage, non-skilled attendants.

    Often a family member over the age of 16. Comm. care is Medicaid funded. Whole other animal.