Saturday, March 1, 2014

Branch Manager is Doggone Killing Us


How's turnover at Generic Hospice?  The first two months of the year we lost a bereavement counselor, chaplain, receptionist, five nurses and a pet therapy dog.  All left due to our Branch Manager's bullying.  How bad does a manager have to be when the pet therapy dog gets their hackles up?

Anyway, it was the oddest thing.  The Branch Manager started in their hypercritical mode.  Staff closest to the BM wilted, while those within earshot scattered to the hinterlands.  The BM zeroed in on the Bereavement Coordinator.

"Why didn't you call this person?"--BM
"I did."--BC
"Why didn't your reach them?"--BM
"They didn't answer, so I left a message."--BC
"Did you go by the house?"--BM
"I told you to contact this person ASAP."--BM
"Yes, you did and I did that."--BC
"NO, YOU DID NOT!"--BM (with spit flying from their mouth)
"Grrrrrrrrrr.  Bark, Bark, Bark"--Pickles the pet therapy dog
"YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME!"--BM glaring at the dog and the BC
"Frankly, I'd rather have none of you.  I quit."--BC
"Watch me.  Let's go, Pickles."--BC
"Yessa, Boss.  How may I hep?"--Office Manager
"I believes theys already gone."--OM
(in the parking lot)
"Whimper, whimper."--Pickles the pet therapy dog
"Bullying does leave a mark.  However, it's nice we have one another"--BC as he pets Pickles
"Slurp, slurp."--Pickles licks BC's face

(Office Manager scampers up)
"Boss seys youse two needs to run along now."--OM
"What are you going to do to stop the abuse?"--BC
"Abuse. I don't see no abuse. Our site has a grate leader."--OM looking over shoulder
"I find the BM very grating. We'll soak up a little sun and then move on."--BC
"Don't stays too long. Bossa blame me and then I gets a beating."--OM whispering

Our site's stew is a foul mix.  Our Branch Manager needs to sink in their own offal, the cyclical turnover mess they've created for years.  Despite being told repeatedly by departing staff that they are the cause, our Branch Manager deflects that away to anyone and everyone else.  The few remaining left know the tremendous harm our BM causes to staff, therefore to our patients.

After firing the pet therapy dog the BM continued rearranging the deck chairs on our Titanic, by asking each staff member what color they wanted their office painted and what day of the weekend they would be coming in to do the work.  Of course, this would all occur under the BM's impressive supervision and would not be paid, but be volunteer.  Also the event is BYOP, bring your own paint. 

It's sad when a dog clearly sees what corporate chiefs and human resources cannot, cruelty and bullying.  That's why I call Gentiva's HR function the "Human Abuse department."

The dog's gone but we still have the bully, beloved by corporate.  Gentiva Execs:  Please promote this person, so we have a chance at a functional local leader.  Sincerely,


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