Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kindred Continues Crushing Heart of Hospice


Kindred's failed to turn Gentiva's tide of sick management, instead bolstering local leaders who don't listen, don't plan, don't communicate and don't improve.  There's no word yet on the PwC employee survey.  Rumors at our site suggest staff hammered the company and it's sorry leadership.

The very trends you felt before you retired have not abated.  I'll venture tomorrow's earnings call will scream the language of finance, but it will be heartless.  EBITDAR and leverage ratios will be the altar that Wall Street analysts worship.

You retired having experienced Generic Hospice's decimation of much that was good in hospice leadership.  I'm not sure I will get that luxury.  Kindred is at home with abysmal management, taking great offense at anyone who dare point out the simplest of management inabilities.  The reaction, in many cases vastly overemphasized, reveals an underlying insecurity, damage, limited ability to see and/or hear.

Kindred's propensity is to rely on local leaders it can micromanage.  Therefore, it will have to micromanage them.  That leaves everyone in a precarious spot, as decisions will be made on partial information by leaders without knowledge of their site, it's history, it's local market and people who've come and gone from the site.  One arbitrary move from layers above and careers are jeopardized.  Spin rules while truths told go unheard.  Truth's messenger is however eviscerated.

Anonymous (from Gentiva-a Kindred at Home company)

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