Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kindred Pays $39 million for Arkansas at Home


Kindred Healthcare plans to purchase the State of Arkansas' home health, hospice and personal care agencies in an announced $39 million deal.  This deal is 18 times larger than Kindred's last buyout, the $2.15 million purchase of CFO Stephen Farber's personal home.

Kindred intends to keep the Arkansas agencies, yet plans to sell the multi-million dollar Louisville estate.  When will it be listed?

Anonymous (from Kindredful)


  1. Part of this purchase agreement is to retain all the current employees also... Watch out peeps, with Gentiva running KAH now, that will never happen! Those 2 women running the FSU's will make sure that doesn't happen!

    1. That is the truth. We had a business office for Kindred and then one day they were gone and we were stuck with this FSU group. Our poor patients are billed wrong, double billed, billed without signing consents. Horrible!

    2. The FSU's are so mean to the branches. I can't stand them they have these dumb calls and berate my clinical staff for not doing their jobs. Since when was it my job to bill?????? Our previous CBO did it all for us and now we are left with this??????

  2. Watch out employees of the Arkansas Home Health! They will tell you Kindred purchased you, but it was low life Gentiva-they run off the good employees. The poor patients suffer because it is the Gentiva way or the highway. They only want to milk the patient's benefits dry! Sad state of affairs. Badder to the Bone! Horrible place. Poor Arkansas and poor patients!

  3. I used to work for a Gentiva FSU. I now work for a 3rd party billing company that is in the business of home health billing. Kindred is going to have to do some layoffs to cut costs and who knows... before too long I could be doing their billing at the 3rd party billing co. And they'd be looking for work but it wasn't like I didn't warn y'all...