Saturday, August 17, 2013

Darkness Grows


The darkness grows at our hospice site.  Turnover is a constant.  Staff come away traumatized from interactions with our site leader.  There is only one criteria to this manager's decisions, whatever is needed to maintain their image in the present moment.  That means what they told you yesterday could be completely reversed today.  Remind them of yesterday's position and they'll flat out deny it, accusing you of distorting reality.  It's a mind shattering experience, unless you realize what's happening. There is only one constant, making the executive feel superior, in control, looking good. 

I calculate our manager cost the company $750,000 in two years.  That's $25,000 each for thirty jobs.  It's crazy expensive, a fact which doesn't seem to register with Gentiva Senior Management types, normally obsessed about money and numbers.

Anyway, a handful of us will try to lift the darkness from our site.  Daily at a specified time, our crew will pray that our staff be protected from management toxicity, that God's spirit will lift our hospice team members, enabling them to provide a loving, caring presence to those on our service.  God, please hear our prayer.  Right now, no Gentiva representatives are listening.


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