Friday, September 13, 2013

A Culture of Profound Sickness


If we stood in a healthy, functional environment with experienced, wise leaders it might make sense to speak one's mind with confidence, to share honest feelings and reactions, appeal to common sense, suggest what seems fair and just and offer ways to fix what is broken.

Sadly, the current state is dysfunctional to a high degree.  Jesus advised in such situations to be "as clever as snakes."  Battles cannot be fought in full uniform or by regiment in open field.  They must be undertaken in camouflage, visual and auditory.  Strikes must come from nowhere and return to hidden places.

The language of leaders, corporate and political sounds noble, even saintly, until examined under the light of truth where they reveal power grabs, hidden agendas, paranoia and personal enrichment.  This lament does not take away the current reality but may cause one to adjust course.

Day to day individuals must discern, does today call for simple honesty or snake-like cleverness, the kind that is aware of the distortions of our world but not buying into or supporting their employ?  Some days call for saying less, for going with the flow, however nonsensical.

The small bit of recompense in this off-balance world is leaders' lack of attention.  They are quickly diverted to another scheme which requires new fanfare and boasting.  Grandiosity comes in waves, but is quickly rendered inert by incomplete managerial follow through.

This is not ideal.  It tears at our sense of reason and rightness.  A wise man once said "Avoid the company of deluded people when you can, but when you cannot, keep your own counsel."

Many find no good support within their work system, within the body politic.  Yet there are individuals who are not asleep like the crowds.  Seek them out subtly, drawing attention neither to oneself or any awakened.  Most of all seek support in one's own depths, where Soul meets Source.  This is below and beneath the clatter, the worry, the histrionic, over-reaction, payback and insanity of our leaders during these disturbing days.

This sums up Generic Hospice.  Does it also nail Gentiva?


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