Monday, September 2, 2013

Another Disingenuous Gentiva Promise


I "acted now" upon receiving this flyer in the mail.  It promised a mere 15 minutes to complete the online health assessment and earn 50 points toward a Wellness Incentive.  I called the number published on the inside 877-410-0186.  I sat on hold for 10 minutes.  A Gentiva Connections representative tried to help me with my request, however she did not have access to what I needed.  At the 15 minute mark she transferred me to United Healthcare Member Services.

UHC's Member Services did not "have that information" and transferred me to the Health and Wellness Portal Technical Support.  This call dropped at the 22 minute mark.  I called back.  After 30 minutes, double the time the flyer indicated, I had a web address that would get me started.

In total I spent 45 minutes to get into a position to start Gentiva's 15 minute health assessment.  It involved three phone calls and web signup.   This is the kind of complexity and service unfriendliness I found the last few years in signing up for employee benefits.

Last year's wellness incentive was a $10 per pay period break on health insurance costs.  This year's is very unclear, but completing the health assessment only gets an employee halfway there.  Not only is the prize unknown, but the second half of the journey to achieve it is also a mystery.

Complexity and poor communication lead me to believe Gentiva doesn't want to make it easy for employees to sign up for earned benefits. 


Update 9-20-13:  I'd venture I well into four hours of time spent trying to get the incentive.  Each step of the way required a call to technical support.  Time to date?  "Just 15 minutes" roughly squared.

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