Thursday, April 17, 2014

Employee Gas Prices Rising


Generic staff recently experienced a rapid rise in gasoline prices, not to mention other soaring staples.  So far senior leaders have ignored any stress on worker wallets.  They've always reimbursed employees at rates far below what the federal government allows.

That differential has grown by 2 cents per mile since 2007.  Generic leaders send a message to staff every day with their words and actions.  Are they taking us for granted?  Me thinks so.


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  1. At Gentiva we used to have a "General Store" and we had to take turns stocking it. They'd pay for the snack stuff from the proceeds but make us drive our own cars to Sam's club and WalMart and NOT pay us gas or mileage. I'm so sick of how Gentiva is being run now. Like their food drives! They do one every fall and send out an email from corporate but towards the bottom it says to make sure to contact local media. They get us to do all the work and they get free publicity. Then they get a tax credit because the large donation is actually done by Gentiva. And now reading your blog about how the suits got high pay raises... oh that makes me so p*ssed off.