Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Generic's Management by Manipulation


LinkedIn ran two pieces on bad bosses.  Together they nailed the horrific boss, one our staff suffered under for years.  One article identified:

1.  The boss lies for personal gain or to discredit others.
2.  They're envious of subordinates, peers and higher ups.
3.  Their promises are repeatedly empty.
4.  They blame others to mask their shortcomings.
5.  They fail to manage conflict and bad behavior.
6.  They send their team into harm's way at the whim of top management

The other cited:

7.  They have others fire their direct reports
8.  They make a decision in private and fail to protect their people in public if it doesn't work.
9.   They tell people in private what they believe the subordinate wants to hear.  Such inconsistent messaging is an attempt to control people by manipulation.
10.  They will not have face-to-face meetings to resolve conflict.
11.  They slip in a negative comment about another co-worker in every conversation.
12.  They don't allow people to get to know them and they don't invest time getting to know their people.  Everything is shallow and image focused.  Relationship depth is non-existent.

Given what you've shared in the past about Gentiva I bet this hits aspects of your branch manager.  I am interested in your thoughts and reactions. 



  1. I know it fits management at the FSU

  2. a very accurate depiction of leadership at most area and region levels, example set by the children at corporate. watching our senior leaders behave in a meeting is like watching the cool kids group in high school isnt it? texting eachother while others talk, checking email, chatting-- anything but actually paying attention and listening and showing interest- of course if they did that they would have to act also. the "Im sorry I never heard that defense is well and alive."

  3. At Gentiva if you complain about a bully at work, management will nitpick your work, constantly pulling you into the office. Several people have complained and all of them have been bullied by management into quitting or looking for other work. And yet they want to be an employer of choice.

  4. Don't forget to add gossiping about subordinates to that list. I used to have respect for them and pride in the company I work for. Not anymore.

  5. StrangeToney,

    Everything is true except the first one. Our branch director loves firing their direct subordinates. The pattern goes like this. The branch director selects the candidate they prefer, seeking zero input from others. They brag how this person walks on water and will save our site. Then the branch director knocks them down a notch. This happens over and over until there's nothing but the pedestal left. Then it's time to bring in the new savior. This process can be as short as six months or as long as 2 years. I've seen many eviscerated in this manner.

    The bully is management. Complain about them and you will rise to the top of their target list. HR actually coaches our bully on how to get rid of good people. Employees with a backbone get zero support from HR, which is why I refer to this function as Gentiva's Human Abuse Department. I wish it were different, but that and $7 will get you a Starbucks Orange Creamsicle Frappuccino.

    Anonymous (from Gentiva)