Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kindred to View Gentiva's Goods


If Kindred executes a nondisclosure agreement they will get to examine Gentiva's goods.  This will enable Kindred to up their bid to achieve their long stated aim, consummating the deal.  Kindred has competition from a white knight, likely a leveraged buyout organization or LBO.

The White Knight at King Arthur's roundtable was Lancelot.  When Lancelot got a view of Guinevere's goods he consummated the deal.  Oddly, King Arthur's tale has a diabolical son named Mordred.  Kin Mordred's lust for power ended Arthur's reign.  Similarly, Kindred aims to eliminate layers of Gentiva's top management, likely ending CEO Tony Strange's rule.

But Tony Strange is no King Arthur.  Gentiva's leaders have no roundtable.  Theirs is the table of kings from which scraps of bread fall to minions lucky and unlucky enough to be nearby.

An Arthurian battle awaits pursuers of Gentiva.  The testosterone, already palpable, should soar as bidders get access to Gentiva's unmentionables (which requires the nondisclosure statement).

The duel may intensify rather quickly, depending on what tantalizing the bidders see.  How far away is consummation?

Anonymous (from Gentiva) 

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  1. Ummm...yeah. I'll pretend like I understand what you are saying. You paint with a broad brush.