Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Who Am I?


You likely noticed comments in late June that made a number of points:

Why is the senior management group actually spending money to investigate who owns this blog and who you are when they should be running the company? 

Apparently you've gotten under the skin of someone or several someones at Gentiva. 

The truth hurts I guess or the truth will set you free...

Who am I?  I am the nurse who knows deep in their heart that hospice is the best work I can do.  I am the chaplain who ministers to patients and staff because God called me to serve.  I am the nurse aide who shares love and laughter with my patients.  I am the bereavement counselor who holds a shattered heart in my hand until it starts beating again.  I am the volunteer coordinator who knows how a friend eases pain, physical or emotional.  I am the secretary who mobilizes resources that doctors, nurses and patients need.  I am the receptionist who cares for people I see and voices I hear.  I am the doctor who answers calls in the middle of the night because pain doesn't sleep.  I am the employee Gentiva CEO Tony Strange thanks at the end of each investor presentation.

Why not just solve the problems in the company? 

Those who can hear hear.  Those who can't, well, they seek identity and retribution.

Anonymous (from Gentiva)

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  1. of course they do. The primary leadership trait at Gentiva is "who is to blame" always has to be someones fault and someone has to be to blame. Good people lose their jobs as sacrifices to the gods in favor of the blame-game. I have never once heard- how did this happen?, how do we fix it? , how do we prevent it from happening again? it always has to be a "dropped ball" by someone. This is why turnover that amounts to millions of wasted dollars continues to occur. As people get promoted, it gets much worse. I have seen and heard people who last year were employee advocates become heartless throat cutting backstabbers in order to keep their new jobs. Threats have become the new norm. If you cant achieve goals by normal means then threaten the team into compliance, when that fails well blame someone right? it virtually guarantees a six month "harrassment free zone" after all you did offer someone up right? so your bills paid for a quarter or so. and all the while the executives get a three year deal cause somone is worried they might leave? well good- they should leave. when this is all over the number of unemployable executives will be astounding cause no one wants to work for these people! if they figured that out then true change could really happen. instead you have leaders with a sliver of experience leading a huge company. they cant answer any questions related to their supposed areas of expertise and have to call someone else for answers. Then the blame their failures on someone else.
    See the pattern yet? wonder where the example is being set for this inexcusable style? But I could go on an on but I too have to worry about retribution and retaliation.