Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kindred Talks Gentiva in NYC


Kindred CEO Paul Diaz spoke on September 10 at the Morgan Stanley Global Healthcare Conference.  He had this to say about his firm's pursuit of Gentiva:

I can't obviously comment on the Gentiva transaction specifically, other than that we continue to do our work and the Gentiva management team has been, you know, really good and forthcoming.  They've obviously make a lot of progress here in the last couple of quarters, so that excites us and sort of reinforces the investment thesis as we see it.  But, whether the investment thesis is through a Gentiva transaction or through other opportunities in the marketplace, as I referred to before, we just see tremendous opportunities to extend the recovery period, prevent re-hospitalizations and to get on the front side of care for the most critically ill patients in America, chronic patients.  Those patients joining the Medicare program each day through home based models, through medical homes if you will.  And there's an enormous opportunity also as we have a better dialogue about end of life care and the opportunities for palliative care through hospice and palliative care services.  So a logical extension of our service continuum is home based care and home based care models.

We view Gentiva and the other acquisitions in our pipeline today, you know as a great opportunity to really more aggressively grow.  

It's about growth, capital deployment.  And we see lots of opportunities in addition to Gentiva to grow, you know over the next several years.
Gentiva is "just one path" in Paul Diaz's strategic and financially accretive future.

Kindred has $100 to $300 million to put to work in buying home health and hospice providers.  Diaz is excited about Gentiva, but can pivot.  It's but one way for Kindred to grow.

The Ides of September near and with it a Gentiva board decision on the winning bidder looms.  Will debt markets hold for the deal to close?  The Morgan Stanley representative did not speak to that. 

Anonymous (from Gentiva)


  1. So happy and grateful that employees and their clients can add value to somebody's stock portfolio.

  2. Got pulled into office with management at the KCFSU today and talked to about if I am quitting and who else is looking to leave but I wasn't asked what they can do to make it better. They don't care. Now they are combing everyone email looking for dirt. How about making the office better and give us raises and not act like Nazis!

  3. Gentiva: Breaking the Backbone of Great Hospice Care

  4. i guess the boat cruise on lake lanier didnt fix things? nice-- celebrate personal wealth while the company gets run down now thats leadership. oh yea I forgot, who is getting blamed for this? after all we cannot abondon our core values--who is to blame?, who droped the ball?, who fell asleep at the wheel? and when are they being fired? ah yes modern leadership at the corporate level. i so want a promotion, not