Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kindred's Staff Turnover

In 2013 Kindred's home health, hospice and personal care division, now known as Kindred at Home, had 38% employee turnover on an annualized basis.  Buyouts create an environment where positions are eliminated and employees have little to no allegiance to the new owner.  Some may find the company better together.  Alternatives include badder together, better apart and bitter together. 

If Kindred performs like Gentiva while it integrated Harden, millions in revenue and scores of people will be lost.  No matter the slick language used to deceive, cost cutting resulted in service level reductions at our site.  Gentiva employees already know the damage from absurd expectations with ever constrained resources.   

Gentiva drove the heart out of our hospice.  Kindred may or may not bring it back.  The next few weeks will be informative.  Will Kindred continue the insanity?  I'm praying for the company to turn around, to repent.  If not, maybe HealthSouth will want experienced hospice staff.

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  1. Oh my we (Kindred at Home) are victims now of the "Gentiva" Way!! I hear HealthSouth is a great company to work for. I am sickened as I read your blog and know how true it is as we experience the "wonderful" ways of "Gentiva oh I am sorry I mean Kindred at Home"