Friday, January 30, 2015

Gentiva Execs Sign Off


I left work today for the last time as a Gentiva employee.  Monday morning I work for a division of Kindred Healthcare.  Top Gentiva executives offered golden parachute goodbyes today.  Executive Chairman Rod Windley and CEO Tony Strange will take their millions and ride.

The role we will miss most is being cheerleaders and supporters for the field.

When do cheerleaders and supporters surreptitiously reduce PTO benefits and the employer health insurance contribution, while giving one measly raise in seven years?  What cheerleaders leave with millions ($) apiece while granting employees a one time loyalty bonus in the hundreds?  How can supporters ignore long term, obscene levels of turnover in the "greatest group of employees in the industry"?

My fellow employees were grateful for the final crumb from the executive banquet table.  It had been awhile since we'd had a taste of what they dine on three times a day.  Will Kindred's leaders be different?

Kindred hired a new Chief Operating Officer from an affiliate of private equity firm Warburg Pincus.  Gentiva acquired Harden Healthcare's home health and hospice division from Capstar Partners, also a private equity firm.

Through Gentiva's heavy handed integration of Harden expected combined revenues fell short, turnover increased and goodwill written down.  The cause?  Bad management in the words of one higher up.  I found that to be quite a confession from this group of "cheerleaders and supporters."

Kindred bought Gentiva's sites, but many are shells of their August 1, 2014 self.  Our depleted site starts anew on Monday under Kindred management.  Signs are costs will continue to be managed to the detriment of employee retention and customer service.

My plea would be for honesty, listening, partnering and giving employees what they need to serve well.  That includes tools, time and fair compensation.  If Kindred continues Gentiva's abusive management practices, don't imitate the last regime.  Please don't mask your cuts, discounts or unrealistic expectations with flowery lies.

Anonymous (from Gentiva's on our last day)


  1. Here's another set of corporate cheerleaders and supporters:

  2. The loyalty bonus is in lieu of the quarterly bonus' the FSUs used to get, as Kindred doesn't do that. But someone riddle me this, why would Kindred offer payroll (located at the KS CSK, not Atlanta) offer letters? Wouldn't Kindred be looking to transition Gentiva's payroll into Kindred's?