Saturday, April 18, 2015

Gentiva Wants to Hear Employees: Five Year Wait


President of Kindred at Home David Causby,, former Gentiva Chief Operating Officer, wants to hear from employees for the first time since Gentiva acquired Odyssey Hospice in 2010.  Causby announced Kindred at Home will conduct an employee survey.

I expect they will get an earful, given Gentiva's abusive management practices and years with no raises, interrupted by an occasional pittance of an increase. 

This survey will be the baseline for most former Odyssey Hospice employees.  How does one take five years of horrific management and distill it in one survey instrument?  That will be the challenge for many. 

There's also the question of how the survey fits within Causby's series of special bonus opportunities, one $500,000 and two $250,000 chances?  If the results are less than flattering what consequences await those who share their longstanding concerns?  Gentiva leaders are well known for retaliation, as evidenced by many comments on Generic Hospice and GlassDoor

Anyone raising concerns are labelled troublemakers, negative and are encouraged to leave, if not fired.  A survey is coming from a man whose history showed he couldn't care less about employees.  Kindred acquired a company with entrenched Human Abuse practices.  Will they dismantle this sick culture or reinforce it?  It will be interesting to see.

Anonymous (from Gentiva Hospice, now owned by Kindred)


  1. I left Gentiva months ago and it was the best decision I ever made. Management at the KCFSU were more concerned with being BFF with subordinates and gathering and sharing gossip than doing their job. They reward those who would openly bullying and sabotage coworkers. It's nice to work somewhere that coworkers feel that they only succeed when you succeed, unlike Gentiva.

  2. They excluded certain business lines. Unconcerned or scared of what they'll hear from those business lines?

  3. Did you hear how they have responded right away with clinical support? Reducing the # of forms? Getting clinicians involved? Yup they did! Great new day!