Sunday, October 4, 2015

Paul Diaz Gives Away Roughly 25% of his KND Stock


Speaking of the lottery.  Longtime Kindred President Paul Diaz stepped away from day to day responsibilities in March, elevating to Vice Chairman of Kindred's Board.  Last week Diaz gave away over 100,000 of his 400,000 shares of Kindred stock to an unknown entity.  On September 25th the gift was worth over $1.9 million.  The filing did not indicate if Diaz gave the stock to a relative or a nonprofit, like the University of Louisville where Diaz sits on the Board of Trustees.

The timing may be coincidental but two top Kindred leaders sold or gave away millions in stock in the last few weeks.  Kindred's stock happened to take a beating over this period, down some 25%.  Trading volume soared as well as the third quarter came to a close.  We live in interesting times.

Anonymous (from Gendred, a Gentiva-Kindred company)    


  1. The woman who was manager of the CSK Hospice FSU moved to accounting. Another supervisor in Hospice was either asked or chose to be demoted back down to collector back in the Home health FSU. I was thinking just this morning that hospice at the CSK might be the first to get the ax. On a side note, the person they made the new manager of the hospice there, horrible decision. But she fits right in with the gossip fest scene the director loves and fosters. I have heard from MA NY there at the KC FSU and no one is happy. They all talk about how crazy it's become.

  2. Besides Diaz, who are these other 2 who sold/gave away their stock?