Sunday, September 27, 2015

Corporate Toxins


Retirement remains wonderful.  I was surprised by the time it took to detoxify from Generic Hospice.  It wasn't physically demanding like drug withdrawal but it took weeks to a full month for my body to expel Generic's corporate toxins.    I realized their poisons arose from company psychopathy, characterized by a corporate brain hyper-sensitive to reward and under-sensitive to the suffering of others.  I venture that's what you're experiencing at your hospice site.

Beware.  The corporate psychopathic brain is vengeful, hypersensitive to punishing those it views as being in opposition.  It is both emotional and logical, given opposers could hurt their chances for reward. 

You think you're making points that thoughtful leaders would explore.  Their myopia sees their career or the company at risk.  It also underlies what you describe as Gentiva executives' penchant for personalizing issues (shooting the messenger) and retaliating.

I imagine it's a very dangerous time in the life of Gentiva-Kindred employees.  A shiny, new corporate image must be upheld and merger promises must be met, thus ensuring top leaders get their out-sized rewards.  The pyschopathic corporation does not play fair and it knows no bounds.  Everything is permissible as long as management wins for themselves.  I hope you win the lottery and can join me in retirement.


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