Thursday, September 1, 2016

Health Insurance Drivers for 2017


Chief People Officer Stephen Cunanan received 36,000 shares of Kindred stock on March 24, 2016.  That same day the company awarded Kindred CEO Ben Breier 283,0000 shares.   Breier recently told Wall Street analysts he feels "pretty good" about getting back to over $1 billion EBITDAR in 2017.

What kind of health, dental and vision insurance benefits do you think they're working to bring Kindred employees for the coming year?  Expect to pay more for less coverage, especially if Mr. Cunanan wants to increase the value of his 83,500 shares of Kindred stock or if Mr. Breier desires to maximize the worth of his 678,000 shares.

The company is "still working on health benefits."  Generally, their work is our pain.  Consistently, executives focus on personal gain. 



  1. Why are any of surprised at anything these greedy buffoons do? They are all greedy and self absorbing!

  2. This year's health insurance (if it deserves that name) is the worst it has ever been. Too expensive, not enough coverage.

  3. It's not just the health insurance... First NO 401k match, then a crappy health insurance plan and now the implementation of the "salary plus" model where all of the sudden a visit is only being reimbursed at a rate of 0.9, where case conferences are not being reimbursed and a week of vacation is being reimbursed at a rate of 22 visits. Bandits! I'm on my way out!