Saturday, August 27, 2016

Executives Paving Way for ?


Word has it a corporate big chief will visit our hospice site soon.  No dates or names have been shared yet but we've been instructed to "clean up" for a visiting corporate dignitary.  The latest update from Kindred at Home President David Causby said an opportunity exists to improve relations with senior management. 

If we rarely or never see them are we in relationship?  If they talk and we only listen are we in relationship?  If we are relegated to a once a year survey for feedback is that relationship?  What if we see no action taken on concerns shared in the last survey?  Is that considered relationship?

I'd be interested in hearing from peers who've experienced recent visits from Kindred executives.  What's the tone from up high?  What priorities did they share?  Feel free to comment or e-mail.  It would be interesting and instructive to hear.

Anonymous (from Kindred)

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  1. A brightly dressed VP of some sort visited our site. They said "Our Care Matters" meant we had to meet patient/family needs all hours of the day, any day of the week. The company did not add staff to meet increased service levels, nor are leaders willing to pay overtime.

    Hospice employees are to clock out early, go home, then clock back in at say 9 pm, work until 10:30 pm, then clock out. No overtime allowed.

    Bosses can sprinkle staff's 40 hours anytime over the seven days. There is no commitment to a regular work week with appropriate boundaries for employees who have obligations at home, like taking care of children or an aging parent.

    "Our Care Matters" means employees don't matter.