Saturday, February 2, 2013

Actions Speak Louder


Thought you might want to share two items related to Gentiva's dealings with the investor community.  The first is the way Gentiva represented their giant stock price fall on their website.  At one point the stock was over $30.  It fell below $5.  Note the difference between the Yahoo Finance chart (Blue) and the onetime Gentiva chart (maroon).

Compare the space from $0 to $10 to the space from $20 to $30, each being an increment of 10. Gentiva's website now shows an accurate chart for their stock price.

The second item relates to Gentiva's annual report filed with the SEC.  Gentiva scanned a paper document for submission, thus the black and white image above.  The annual report downloadable from the company's website is a color PDF document.  GTIV's SEC document is not searchable, the PDF can be searched.  While Gentiva is not alone in sending less usable documents to the SEC, the company did go to extra trouble to do so..

Both items say something about Gentiva's corporate culture and neither are encouraging.. 


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