Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Maybe it was a compliment
Getting _____  ______   ______  _______ (insert your punishment here)

Maybe an affirmation from God's heart
Getting scolded and rebuffed
     For standing in the stead of the helpless and their helpers.

"It was inappropriate."
And so it was!  But only from the rarefied roost
of the elite guardians of The Image
Anything for The Image.

But from the humbler, simpler stance
of the helpless and their helpers
The voice that rises to raise the right questions
is always the right remedy for the right malady
Always the empathic hand that removes the thorn
     from the festering paw.

What's the difference?
It's in the direction.
The self-absorbed and self-promoters
Live on a one-way street of Thou shalt give to me
But those whose eyes take in the needs of others
Find their truth in serving.

So maybe it was a compliment
to be summoned by the court
A backhanded affirmation from the Lowly and their Liege
The Rulers think they won!
But when the world is turned upside down,
The spurned, who fell, are rising.

Contributed by Generic Hospice Staffer
Messenger - StrangeTony

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