Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Generic Hospice Transfers Responsibility to Worker


Generic Hospice continues its downward slide, which began with employees having to justify compensation through a complex, convoluted clinical ladder program built on scarcity.  Employees doing human resources work continued with a new self-evaluation, which has little to do with the actual work I perform.  Now I get to do the accounting function as well.  As I already help with marketing, I'm doing my job plus:

Human Resources

All for the same pay I was hired in at   My last plane trip I sat next to a Human Resources professional.  I asked him about the race to the lowest common denominator in Human Resources.  He agreed wholeheartedly, lamenting how HR had become a tool to control expenses and people, while dramatically offering less services to employees.  Human Resources = Employee Abuse, for sure at Generic Hospice, but also at many other companies.


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