Saturday, June 8, 2013

Human Resources = Employee Abuse


The last time our Corporate HR person visited they said corporate chiefs "loved us like our Hospice Nurse Aides love their patients".  I nearly blew coffee out my nose.  The more I thought about this attempted pander, it turned into an insult.  How dare this HR bear hug our nurse aides, (who actually know their patient's names and care for them)!

Our Nurse Aides don't conduct exit interviews.  Neither does the company.

Our Nurse Aides don't give raises, much like Generic Hospice sitting on millions in corporate cash.

Our Nurse Aides didn't eliminate the company subsidy for dental and eye insurance, before cutting 40 hours in vacation time for new employees.

Our Nurse Aides are not months late on evaluations, which are verbally positive but lack a corresponding rating.  Evaluations have become a tool for abuse.

Our Nurse Aides didn't rip employees off on mileage reimbursement by shorting them distance and offering a paltry rate per mile. 

Our Nurse Aides have the longest tenure of any group and care deeply about people, not so much about numbers. 

Generic Hospice cares about one thing and one thing only, metrics.  They've proven it repeatedly.  Our site suffered under an abusive, micro-manager for five years. Turnover, especially among clinical people who don't have to take abuse, has been obscene.  Every HR person to visit turned a deaf ear to stories of physical, mental and emotional abuse.

Our Nurses Aides are the antithesis of Generic Hospice.  They care and they give.

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