Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gentiva Cuts PTO for New Hires in 2013


It's a well kept secret within Gentiva that senior leaders cut Paid Time Off for employees hired after January 1, 2013.  Here's the memo that went out to all employees on policy updates:

One has to open the policy to find the change. 

Gentiva now has two classes of non-executive employees, pre and post 1/1/13.  There's no word on the change or why this was necessary.  The number of executive decisions not expressly shared says much about Gentiva's Senior Leaders and Board of Directors.

I believe the PTO cut for new hires will provide funds for employee "pay increases" for "eligible employees" in the third quarter of this year.  A Human Resources Vice President told our site raises would come from Regional Executives, once they met to identify available funds for increases.  I don't know many Regional Leaders with control over company-wide benefit expenses.

The race to the bottom at Gentiva shows no sign of deceleration, where Human Resources is a complete oxymoron.  The department should be renamed Center for Employee Abuse.  At least, that's our site's experience.  How're things at Generic Hospice?


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