Friday, November 29, 2013

Gentiva Expects Turnover


A highly respected corporate person said "I consider anyone with over one year's tenure with our company a long-timer."  Apparently, Gentiva leaders don't hold dear things like knowledge, experience, dedication, and commitment.  It's the blind leading the blind at our site given our tin eared Branch Manager (BM) and horrific turnover.

Turnover carries a steep cost, as others have to make up for the loss of experienced, capable employees.  Hospice work is hard enough, but it becomes a bear when having to do the work of two people.

It's the kind of bear that eats you, which makes for more turnover.  Beware the bears from BM level and above. The rabbit hole deepens at merger mad Gentiva.  What about Generic Hospice?


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  1. I was told after the takeover "fire quickly, hire slowly"