Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gentiva-Harden Integration Looms at Site Level


Gentiva has a number of image-obsessed leaders like the one you described at your Generic Hospice site.  What will happen when two or more orbs meet to decide how to implement corporate strategy in their overlapping market?

Will they draw straws, i.e. trade turns selecting who will stay and who'll be terminated?  That prospect looms throughout Gentiva and Harden's overlapping territories.  Gentiva CEO Tony Strange said this would occur in most markets before the end of the year.  It's the second week in November, so plans will be made quickly.

Gentiva already cut over 100 positions at the area, regional and corporate levels with their OneGentiva initiative.  I expect the number of jobs cut from overlapping market integration to be much higher.  Gentiva employees near the red and blue balloons pictured above should prepare for the possibility of being axed.  Image obsessed leaders will be the worst communicators of the company's plans. 

Gentiva's earnings call provides much more information on corporate strategy than our Branch Manager ever shares.   Might looming meetings be chock full of surprises?

How many will be staged to maintain the illusion that Gentiva has cooperative, collaborative, inspiring leaders?  The reality is my site has the exact opposite, an exclusive, autocratic, soul sucking micro-manager.  Any integration coming from this person will be based on whim and used as a weapon of motivation destruction. This management apple, as rotten as it is, doesn't fall far from the tree.

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