Saturday, November 16, 2013

Gentiva's Integration of Local Markets - What's Your Story?

To Gentiva-Harden Home Health & Hospice Employees:

I understand your site leaders, branch managers and executive directors are currently planning (plotting) the integration of Gentiva-Harden's local markets per orders from CEO Tony Strange. Should you have a story you wish to share, I'd love to hear it.  Send it to and be sure to use your home computer.  

I appreciate the darkness in your company, as we have it at Generic Hospice.  It's hard to do the good work of caring for patients in a company that cares so little about its employees it hasn't asked them the most basic of questions for years.  What do you like about your job?  Do you feel supported by your manager?  How could corporate leadership help you do your job better?  My Gentiva friend said "Not one of the legions of corporate fools that parade through our office has asked such a question.  As for a company-wide employee survey, they ditched that years ago."

It's difficult doing serious work of caring for hospice patients under whimsical, autocratic management.  The whimsy will soon be in overdrive as people are axed and locations closed or sold.  This tragedy of management will produce many stories, none of them fun.  Send yours, if you wish.  I'll read every one, maybe publish a few on this blog.  Godspeed.

Generic Hospice

P.S.  Prayers were requested for employees of a closed Inpatient Hospice Unit in the Houston area.  More Gentiva IPU's have been shuttered.  Many, many people face the prospect of job loss under Tony Strange's regime.  Having fun yet? 

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