Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gentiva, Generic Breaking Hospice Hearts


It breaks my heart to hear of the Gentiva's dismantling of the hospice spirit and repeated reductions in service delivery.  We've been fighting the same issues at Generic.  It's disturbing to think our two companies are pursuing the lowest common denominator on everything but profits and executive pay.

I expect the impact of the large PTO cut, first for 2013 hires and then for everybody else, has Gentiva employees livid.  What leader believes they can communicate such a drastic message mechanically, without stating any reason why?  Glaringly missing, and most important, senior leaders failed to identify one sacrifice they've made to address the unidentified concerns.  

Greed has stealthily infested Gentiva and Generic, banishing leadership honesty, truth, empathy, and ethics from executive suites and board rooms.  True hospice professionals, with longstanding skills and caring hearts, have no value in entities where leaders never ask, only tell.

How can anyone espouse teamwork when there is no team?  There's just an order giver and legions who are to enact their wishes, without comment, feedback or evaluation.  Legions, shall we call them "Master"?

There is no safety, no listening ear, no caring heart and no respect for employees from the top of Gentiva or Generic.  Now that I'm heartbroken, I must grieve the loss of 95% of what I consider core to hospice.

I pray that our corporate leaders repent, turn around from their arrogance, hubris, mendacity, and greed.  If they continue their path of personal enrichment to the exclusion of all others, they will harm untold numbers.  The sad thing is they already harmed many.

I believe Gentiva and Generic executives know what they do.  It's deeply saddening that they believe it is right.

Gentiva's YCCOM, better stated, would be "You Can Crap on Me" or "You Can Crush Our Morale."  

Holding you and all of our hospice peers close in my heart,


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