Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gentiva's Human Abuse Ramps Up


January has been a bad month to be a Gentiva employee.  On January 8th Gentiva Executives issued a memo on the company's mileage reimbursement.  It was a riddle, only solvable using this week's mileage pay.  My Branch Manager told me we would be paid 43 cents per mile.  It was 40.5 cents, a far cry from his prediction.

January 9th had employees losing a week of PTO across the whole accrual schedule.  In other words, if you didn't get your bump up in 2013, your next one is a long time off or never.

The end of January saw our site lose two Social Workers because they don't have Master's Degrees.  It mattered not that they had over twenty years hospice experience between them and both have been universally loved by patients and their families.  Our Branch Manager said the company standardized on Master's degrees and those two needed to go.

Our Branch Manager escorted the pair out of the building, both Social Workers were in tears.  After returning the Branch Manager's only edict was for our receptionist to remove their names from the phone list.  I guess staff are to intuit from the shorter phone list who's been fired. 

Gentiva executives did the first two dirty deeds, our Branch Manager the latter.  Their actions scream "We Don't Care About You."  WDCAY... It's the new Gentiva human abuse motto.


P.S. -  AOL's CEO ate crow and reversed their benefit cut for employees.

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  1. Wow. Harden legacy employees only lost a day. More of the same from my perspective.