Friday, August 8, 2014

Driving Service Right Out of Hospice


Your message on tormented managers struck home.  Our site's slow motion implosion recently accelerated.  Our staff exodus continues unabated.  Corporate types offer the excuse that hospice nurses burn out at X rate.  However, burnt out nurses leave hospice for another nursing specialty.  That's not the case with our nurses.  They don't leave hospice, nurses leave our hospice.

If turnover costs Gentiva $25,000 per job our branch manager cost the company well over $1 million in a few short years.  Our Medical Directors are tired of training nurses for our competitors, but the company seemingly does not care.

Of course it's hard to market chaos to prospective patients.  It's even harder to recruit good staff with an "abused ex-Gentiva" club in the community doing their best to enact revenge.  Our hospice deserves so much better from the company.  What goes around, comes around.  The question is when?

It can't happen until they wake up from their delusion.  "The stock certificates were hung by the chimney with care, with hopes that the White Knight would soon be here..."

Anonymous (from Gentiva)

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