Monday, August 25, 2014

Fawning over Tony


The Gentiva Board of Directors, the group that will decide who wins the company, said this a few months ago:

In nominating Mr. (Tony) Strange for re-election as a director, our Board of Directors focused on his leadership and execution as our chief executive officer in growing Gentiva, his driving and integrating significant acquisitions by Gentiva and his setting and communicating the proper cultural and behavioral tone as important attributes and experience for his continuing to serve as one of our directors. 

It's hard to see how Tony grew hospice.  He finally confessed to Wall Street analysts he didn't have the key to unlock hospice marketing.  The Harden acquisition resulted in many hospices closing via a "branch rationalization."

The proper cultural and behavioral tone flowed down to the site level where we experienced no raises for years, until the paltriest crumb fell from the executive table.  However, we're back to no raises again.  Apparently we did not show enough gratitude for the morsel senior leaders tossed our way.

Strange does thank employees at the end of each investor call for what we do on a daily basis to enrich him and those who will decide our fate in the buyout.  I imagine all 42,000 Gentiva employees saying in unison, "Our pleasure!"

Everything about Gentiva is exceptional and it starts at the top.  I frequently take exception to them and their myopic actions.  Our leaders are unusual, uncommon, atypical and abnormal.  I'll add another "a word", abysmal.  It's the outcome of a health care world with the absolute wrong priorities.   

Anonymous (from Gentiva)


  1. I want to quit so bad. Long time employees are talking about how down hill Gentiva has gone.

    1. As good as hospice work is, the company (Gentiva) is as bad. Nobody at the top can hear it. .

  2. I know of 6 employees that are currently looking to leave. The inmates are running the asylum.