Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gentiva's Labor Day


Thought your readers might enjoy these in honor of the upcoming Labor Day weekend.  Gentiva's overall rating on Glassdoor fell by 12% from six months ago, The Employee Relations bar continues its free fall at Gentiva.  Then again, these could be Human Abuse stretch goals.  How many employees were laid on the rack this week?

Anonymous (from Gentiva)


  1. I know 3 people getting ready to quit and 4 more going on interviews. Chances are there are more that I just haven't heard about. Max exodus about to happen. Can't let your employees be treated like sh*t and with no ef'ing raises and expect them to stay.

  2. A gal a few aisles over from me at the Kansas City FSU quit yesterday without notice, due to workplace bullying. Their "team" is only a 12 person "team". This latest employee who quit is the second on that team to quit without notice and that was within two months. From what I heard is 7 people on that team have made complaints to their supervisor, manager and director and HR about this gang of four and yet this gang of four hasn't been written up. Why don't they just move these four to different places in the office? Makes me wonder about the place I am working for. One of these four has had the same problems on her previous teams so that seems to be the common denominator. Why keep an employee that causes so much trouble and costs the company so much money? Not a good way to run a business. Maybe I should start looking for another job with a company that doesn't put up with this BS. and you know if 3 people on one team have left in one years time there's likely to be more coming.