Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Gentiva Executive Bonus Pool


In addition to millions in proceeds from their stock holdings, huge sums from change of control and severance payments, Gentiva senior leaders will get a share of $10 million in executive bonuses:

The Company’s core management team (as determined by the Compensation Committee of the Company’s Board of Directors) will be eligible to receive bonuses from a $10 million executive bonus pool to be allocated at the sole discretion of the Compensation Committee. At least a significant minority of such bonus pool will be allocated to core management team members other than the Executive Chairman. 

In addition, subject to the sole discretion of the Compensation Committee, the Executive Chairman will receive for 2014 and 2015 bonus payments in the ordinary course (apart from the timing of payment), both of which will be payable on or before Closing. If these ordinary course bonus payments are paid to the Executive Chairman, the amounts paid will be in the discretion of the Compensation Committee but will not exceed $2 million for 2014 and $1 million for 2015.
As for employees (who created the value for which Kindred bid extra), we're to keep our head's down and slave away.  There is no bonus pool for us.

Executives will also benefit from the acceleration of restricted stock, options and performance cash awards. Employees will receive the benefit of "being part of a stronger, larger company and the greater career and professional development opportunities created by the transaction."  Yipppeeee!

Anonymous (from Gentiva)


  1. Tony Strange 548,511 $19.50 $10,695,964.50
    David Causby 130,438 $19.50 $2,543,541.00
    Eric Slusser 185,346 $19.50 $3,614,247.00
    John Camperlendo 121,587 $19.50 $2,370,946.50
    Charlotte Weaver 67,086 $19.50 $1,308,177.00
    Jeff Shaner 109,823 $19.50 $2,141,548.50

    Rod Windley 375,000 $19.50 $7,312,500.00
    Robert Forman 43,938 $19.50 $856,791.00
    Victor Ganzi 68,245 $19.50 $1,330,777.50
    Steven Hicks 10,385 $19.50 $202,507.50
    Phillip Lochner 43,938 $19.50 $856,791.00
    Stuart Olsten 68,245 $19.50 $1,330,777.50
    Sheldon Retchin 43,938 $19.50 $856,791.00
    Raymond Troubh 65,215 $19.50 $1,271,692.50

    Grand Total $36,693,052.50

  2. So that's how much I'm worth.

    Awesome. I've been wondering if I had a monetary value.

    1. And I bet you got a raise the past 4 years and a bonus.

    2. I wish. Slaves don't get raises and bonuses

  3. well something tells me they arent going to continue to try and find out who you are anymore. Take the money and run comes to my mind. Its ok they still have the VP of IT tracking this and reporting back to them like a good little boy all things posted.there is so much more I wold love to post here but it would give me away and we cant really rely on compassion now can we? so much to say, so many things to be brought out, so many unbelievable happenings by people who other just wouldnt believe. stories Ive heard about how good people have been treated, how good former employees are run down and their character just killed how reputations are trashed because the cool ais stopped tasting so good. My god the path of destruction is like an EF-5 tornado on the ground for years. And through it all the golden parachutes open and the douchebags land safely, rich, content and laughing at all of us for our stupidity. the business world sucks.