Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kindred at Home's "Badder Together"


Kindred's latest missive for their home health and hospice workers rang hollow at our hospice. Our patients have noticed changes from Gentiva's return to hospice margin discipline.  They're learning to wait to get service, if they receive it at all.

Opportunities for employees don't mention competitive pay for employee skills and work performed.  Gentiva's eye on the bottom line meant no raises for years for most employees, regardless of how many times they pitched in to cover.

Gentiva CEO Tony Strange offered employees flowery words during quarterly earnings calls with Wall Street analysts.  His words were vacuous, having no substance in reality.  Kindred's off to a good start along the same lines with their regular communications.  The words sound pretty, but the context in which they fall is a garbage heap where Gentiva executives divide $10 million in bonuses and Kindred increases borrowings by 80% while federal reimbursement remains flat.

Bad - adjective
1.  of poor quality, inferior or defective
2.  not such as to be hoped for or desired, unpleasant or unwelcome

The math does not say better together, but a continuation, even acceleration of Gentiva's arc of employee abuse.  I propose they switch to Badder Together.  That would be more honest.

Anonymous (from Gentiva)

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