Friday, November 28, 2014

Top Two Gentiva Executives' Partial Windfall


Kindred Healthcare's partial windfall for Gentiva Executive Chairman Rod Windley and CEO Tony Strange will exceed $21 million.  There's another $19.5 million in golden parachute money for this pair.  Gentiva's top two will garner over $40 million with millions more available in bonuses, severance and performance cash awards.

The S-4 was posted on Kindred's SEC page on 11-21.  It has not yet been posted on Gentiva's SEC page, even though Gentiva shareholders must vote on the deal.  That fits given Gentiva's Annual Report to Security Holders has a place but no document was filed for the public to view.

Gentiva's top dogs have a massive payday coming.  Rest assured this will not be communicated from the top in an executive memo.  I doubt it will make Kindred's Badder Together publication.  

Anonymous (from Gentiva)

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