Thursday, December 4, 2014

Gentiva Lawyer Cashes in Options


'Tis the season for Gentiva executives to profit in numerous ways.  The first to publicly do so is Gentiva Senior Vice President and General Counsel John Camperlengo.  Mr. Camperlengo exercised five of his stock options, spending just over $1.4 million for 150,000 shares.  He sold two thirds of these new shares, roughly 100,000 shares at $19.22 per share.  His total proceeds from the sale were over $2 million. 

Camperlengo's new shares cost an average of $9.52 per share, which gave John $9.70 profit per share.  That's an instant 102% profit.  After his $570,000 payday Mr. Camperlengo still owns nearly 170,000 shares of Gentiva stock worth $3.2 million.

Cashing in vested options is but one financial plum on the Gentiva senior leader Christmas Tree.  I expect many more financial presents, including the $10 million executive bonus. 

Meanwhile, executive communications to employees have grown silent.  The again, management's actions have consistently put employee relations into the afterthought category.  Gentiva executives must have investment possibilities and uses for millions in cash dancing in their heads.  

Anonymous (from Gentiva)

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