Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Generic Retirement: Any Gifts?

Strange Tony,

Congratulations on your retirement.  What did Generic Hospice give you for decades of quality performance?  Was it a gold watch, a fancy pen, maybe a 19 gun salute?  More likely it was a security escort from the building while you hauled your box of memorabilia.  To honor your character the guard searched your belongings for any potential booty that might cause great financial harm to Generic.  Can't harm those executive bonuses.

My new company cast stock upon the waters for Kindred executives on February 23rd.  Paul Diaz received $1 million in stock.  His $6 million check will trigger for payment on March 31.  That's $7 million in five weeks.  Gentiva's David Causby already has $1 million in Kindred stock (at today's stock close).

Good thing you didn't steal any ink cartridges, reams of paper or file folders.  Otherwise that security escort becomes a one gun apprehension.  Stay safe, my friend.  Please write when you get the opportunity.

Anonymous (from Gentiva)

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