Monday, March 2, 2015

Strange Tony Retires

Gentiva's Anonymous,

I have announced my retirement from Generic Hospice, as our service has become mere dressing on an edifice of profitability.  Senior executives wax on about quality customer service whilst decimating the very same.  Service has succumbed to the corporate obsession of finance.  Everything else takes a back seat.

I am retiring with funds I saved through our 403(b) and what is left of Social Security.  Should I need palliative care I will call my former coworkers, scattered across the plethora of hospices in our town.  Surely, one of these great nurses who once brightened Generic Hospice's door will still have their love for patients should I need care.  There are some things corporations cannot destroy, even with their over reliance on judgement and manipulations.

Here's my wish for you and all who work in hospice:

May your light shine on your patients.
May your ear be sound and strong.
May you journey with others as needed,
walking in both heights and depths
and as long as hospice hearts exists,
a glimpse of God's love will be available.

May your boss know how to listen.
May your coworkers have your back.
May your eyes shine love to all around;
your tears fall soft upon the ground
and until we write again,
may God hold you in the center of his infinite love. 

There is a fight to retain the heart and soul of hospice.  Otherwise it is but a dressed up version of home health. In my retirement I bequeath you this blog.  Godspeed,

Strange Tony (I lived hospice at its best) 

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