Sunday, September 27, 2015

Kindred Endorses Gentiva's Abusive Management


I receive e-mails from fellow employees sharing their stories of management malfeasance.  I'd love to share them but Gentiva's leaders are so vengeful I can't risk doing so.  We all have to earn a living and many of us choose to ignore our limited bosses to help patients in our community or simply to make a living..   

I have good friends in HR, thankfully not with Gentiva.  They were shocked when I told them some of the things management has said to our staff.  It's consistently weird, like they have one hand open inviting us to speak our thoughts and the other hand cocked, ready to beat whoever says the wrong thing.

The wrong thing is any truth that conflicts with the company's dictates.  It matters not if the truth comes from patients or employees.  Both are easily discounted and cast aside.  Heaven forbid anyone disturb the illusion that the company can have it all.  Where in Kindred's or Gentiva's mission, vision or values does it state management should be enriched beyond measure?  Nowhere, but that's clearly the top priority.

I had a modicum of hope Kindred would bring sanity to Gentiva's management absurdities but that has not been the case.  Fortunately, we have intrinsically motivated staff who support one another.  We've learned not to expect much from our limited leaders and to vigorously shower after prolonged contact. Retirement, it's a nice long term vision.  How's yours?

Anonymous (from Gendred, a Gentiva-Kindred company)

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