Monday, September 21, 2015

Survey Says Management Doesn't Care to Know


The employee survey showed management does not communicate with staff, management does not support or show appreciation to staff, and employees have gone long periods without raises and feel underpaid.  Management's response is "we don't really know who employees are talking about and what their specific issues are in each area.  Thus, we don't know how to respond."

They can't stick their heads out of their office door and ask the seventy something clinicians and support staff for clarification?  The survey group hasn't gone anywhere and are readily available to explore the results.  Management doesn't want to know, which reinforces that they don't care.  I'll be shocked if anyone fills out the survey next year.  It's Dilbert in action at our hospice site. 

Anonymous (from Gendred, a Gentiva-Kindred company)


  1. Exactly! You can spell it out and all the management of Gentiva will do is cover for other management and retaliate on the whistle blowers. You'll have office politics anywhere but some are good and some are bad. Gentiva culture is toxic.

  2. As far as I can tell the employee survey is no more for 2017. The time for PwC to send out the survey has come and gone.