Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Kindred Executives Sell Stock

Strange Tony,

Securities and Exchange Commission filings indicate three Kindred executives sold stock last week.  Those selling include President Ben Breier who sold nearly 5,000 shares on 7-29 for $12.26 per share, leaving him with roughly 680,000 shares.

Chief People Officer Stephen Cunanan sold the next day  Oddly his 3,500 shares priced at the exact same level, $12.26 per share.  He holds 83,500 shares after the sale.

Executive Vice President Jon Rousseau also sold nearly 4,000 shares on 7-30 for the very same $12.26 per share.  His stock holdings stand at nearly 74,000.  All three executives sold  under Code F, which is for "payment of exercise price or tax liability using portion of securities"

Kindred announces Q2 earnings tomorrow and Mizuho Securities' Sherly Skolnick might be on the call.   She asked former Gentiva President Tony Strange challenging questions over the years.  It's Ben Breier's turn to talk about what matters to executives.  It's clearly their compensation. 

Anonymous (under Kindredful Management)


  1. Thank you StrangeTony for updating me on the antics of this once proud and decent (Gentiva) company. I was ousted in the KND takeover and feel for your no retirement benefit match. As insult to injury, because of the takeover, my 20 years of retirement savings was dumped into my checking account as ordinary income to be taxed at the very highest rates. The point of a retirement account is to withdraw when needed at lower rates. So effectively we received no match either for the last 20 years, the HR spin on it was "at least the Gentiva match paid the taxes for you".

  2. I'm not sure about your comment if once proud and decent they never were. They were strictly an acquisition company they didn't care for employees and never innovated anything either