Sunday, February 12, 2017

Causby's Latest Stock Award

Strange Tony,

On 2/02/2017 EVP & President Kindred at Home David Causby received 17,692 new shares of common stock bringing his total Kindred holdings to 179,162.

Pursuant to his Employment Agreement, the reporting person (David A. Causby) was granted 53,077 restricted stock units, vesting in three equal annual installments beginning February 2, 2016.

And what did the company give employees the last few months?  A co-worker remarked we didn't get candy for Christmas in 2016.  Executives sent sweets our first year under Kindred ownership.

Causby will get another $1 million bonus for showing up to work on August 1, 2017.  So that's where our candy money went.  Will they go after our lunch money next?

Anonymous (from Kindred loves executives)

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