Saturday, February 4, 2017

Retirement Plan for Non Executives: Keep Working


Gentiva employees experienced a series of benefit reductions in 2014, the very year executives agreed to sell the company to Kindred.  That pattern continued while Kindred executives kept telling employees we were "better together."  That was clearly not the case in the retirement arena.

Gentiva COO David Causby did not want to hear employees voice and he does not look after them now as Kindred at Home President.  Yet the company continues his obscene pay levels, which includes another $1 million bonus for showing up to work on August 1, 2017.

Kindred plans to restore a minuscule 401k match beginning in February 2017.  It will match $1 for every $10 an employee contributes.  That's well below Gentiva's 401k contribution level.  For an employee to take advantage of this benefit they would need lots of discretionary income.  Most of my hospice coworkers don't have funds to contribute given years of nonexistent to paltry raises and shifting significant first dollar health care costs to employees.  That occurred with the elimination of the physician copay benefit in 2016. 

It looks like another Kindred benefit for wealthy executives.  Kindred continues to be Better Together for this exclusive bunch.

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  1. And the Touchstone program (incentive????) is insulting. Pay a decent wage with good benefits, instead of expecting employees to perform like circus animals.