Friday, February 24, 2017

February Be Kind to Rich Executives Month


Kindred's board of directors showed more executive love this past week with its wholesale granting of free shares of stock to the all male executive review at Kindred HQ.  I found it odd in light of my hospice coworkers struggling to pay uncovered healthcare costs from last year.

Low to no raises have employees scrimping to set aside any money in the restarted 401k.  For every $40 an employee contributes Kindred will contribute $4.  Gentiva would've given $8.

Prior earnings calls contained verbal panders to employees but executive actions shouted the opposite since Paul Diaz snagged Gentiva.  For that the board granted Paul a $6 million check and kicked him upstairs.  Pay and benefits wise our hospice has gone down a rung since his multi-million dollar payday.

I'm glad there's Kindred love to give.  I wish employees were feeling some of it.

Anonymous (from Kindredful)

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