Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Kindred Executives Rewarded for Bad Year

Strange Tony,

Kindred President Ben Breier has 100,000 new shares of stock thus far in 2017 thanks to a generous Board of Directors.  Kindred at Home President David Causby isn't far behind with 85,000 new shares since January 1st.  These rewards occurred after Kindred lost $664 million in 2016.

My pay barely budged last year but the cost to see a physician soared without the physician copay benefit I'd had in all my years with our hospice.  Kindred cut my benefits and this helped boost executive bonuses and stock grants.  Even the Chief People Officer got 12,000 new shares for not watching our backs in the C Suite and Board room.

CFO Stephen Farber received 28,000 new shares.  Kindred marked down Farber's former house to $1.95 million.  Kindred's housing subsidy for Farber could reach $800,000 should the house sell at this price.

Kindred's pattern has executives enriched at every turn while employees wait for crumbs to fall from their table.  This is the antithesis of hospice founding philosophy.  Can I join you in retirement? 

Anonymous (from Kindred loves executives)

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