Saturday, March 11, 2017

Kindred's Top People Face Against Employees

Strange Tony,

Human Resources was once counted on to balance senior executives who preferred finance, marketing or legal/compliance over people.  Many top dogs got to their lofty slot by flattening their peers.  Such leaders view HR as touchy feely stuff.  True human resources makes many senior leaders uncomfortable.

When executive incentive pay reached stratospheric levels HR became a means for top dogs to achieve obscene pay and cash/stock bonuses.  HR Vice Presidents turned into Chief People Officers, surreptitiously advancing their fortunes and those of fellow C Suiters. 

Kindred's Chief People person has done little to aid employees in my two years plus with the company.   Our health insurance worsened markedly.  Getting paid for one sick day requires a herculean effort.  Kindred cut the retirement match by 40%, eliminated it completely and then brought it back at a fraction of Gentiva's former level.  Where Gentiva would have contributed $2.50 Kindred now gives $1.  That's a 60% cut for some employees.

Legacy Gentiva employees experienced a series of HR intrusions courtesy of two faced executives.  One face publicly highlights employees as the people producing the results.  The other face peers down to pull money out of our wallets and stuff it into their own.  Every benefit reduction that cost employees falls to the bottom line and boosts executive incentive pay.

The company's annual report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission has no human resource measures like employee satisfaction or turnover. Such metrics disappeared after the ascent of Kindred President Ben Breier and Kindred at Home President David Causby.

The company's board granted our Chief People person 10,000 shares per year his first three years with Kindred.  It's now 12,000 shares a year. That's a 20% bump up in one area of his overall compensation.

Kindred gifted him another 38,000 shares outside the two numbers previously mentioned, bringing his current holdings to 85,500 shares.  Remember this your next doctor visit when you get to pay the whole bill. 

It will take a few weeks to find out how much our CPO and his executive cabal profited from our 2016 pain.  Right now they are hatching plans for 2018's benefits. If you see our Chief People person please ask him how much more they plan to cut?  Some of us need to begin planning.

Anonymous (from Legacy Gentiva)

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