Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gentiva Reorg 2.0


Get this:  In Spring 2013 Gentiva Hospice executives confessed to making a mistake by treating hospice like home health.  They confessed it took three years and a 1,000 employee layoff to learn hospice was not home health.  The edict generating corporate office could've asked hospice employees post-Odyssey merger and learned that long ago.

Instead they brought back the Chairman of Fun, who engineered Gentiva's corporate restructuring pre-merger with Harden Healthcare.  The C-Suite took the same leaders who couldn't tell the difference between hospice and home health and reshuffled the deck.  Home Health came out on top, with Hospice lucky to be in the five card draw.  The winners will be in charge of hospice, home health and community care.

While it takes a different clinical mindset to execute home health (restorative) vs. hospice (palliative), apparently no particular management experience or orientation is required.  At Gentiva sites are specialized, while bad management is universal.

Gentiva's various levels of chiefs can "mis-manage" anything.  They've achieved high employee turnover within declining overall revenues.  Don't forget zero consistency or credibility regarding the corporate chieflets who descend on our site, offering "advice" without questioning.  From my chair the primary management tactic seems to be vacuous cheerleading over arbitrary census targets.

Despite a requirement that employee satisfaction be surveyed annually at the site level, I've never seen one in my years of employment.   It's patently laughable that the divided Gentiva ever put patients or employees first.  Gentiva.1 issued top down edicts, completely ignoring longstanding talent and experience at the site level.

The Fun Chair removed the dot at Gentiva.1.  Here's my suggestion for the new corporate tag line  

Gentiva1 :  Kick-starting Chaos

Add Harden to this deformed company and things should get exponentially chaotic.  That is if credit markets hold up and banks listed at the top of this post actually fund the deal.  Strange days indeed.


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