Saturday, October 19, 2013

Gentive Closes on Harden


Gentiva executives stand ready to integrate local sites now that they've closed the Harden acquisition.  Our Chairman of FUN said they've already reorganized corporate and regional leadership.  This resulted in a number of people losing their jobs, which seems the distinct opposite of fun.  

This has the feel of the 1,000 person layoff Gentiva conducted in late 2011.   Our site lost six people in that round.

Guess who'll be making decisions about us going forward?  People who don't know jack squat about our site.  This is how many corporate support people we've had in the last two years

Area Operations Managers - 3
Area Sales Managers - 4
Area Clinical Support Persons - 4
Area Human Resources - 3

Doing the math, that's four positions, occupied by 14 different people over two years:

10/4 =  2.5

That's 250% turnover in twenty four months.  A corporate person hardly gets to meet people at our site before they're fired, moved or replaced.  This explains why no one has ferreted out our toxic Branch Manager (BM).  It takes skill and attention to discern this person is abusive and incapable of leading in a consistent, collaborative manner.     

From my seat OneGentiva's tag line should be "Rampant Chaos."  What will Gentiva's Corporate Talking Heads' do next to traumatize our site? The answer should be forthcoming in several weeks.  One thing's guaranteed.  Due to exceedingly poor communication, everything will be a surprise.


P.S. The firings and surprises have already started.  It didn't take two weeks. I expect many more corporate "support" changes.  Can Gentiva get turnover over 300%?  I know it's a stretch goal, but this mendacious bunch can surely do it.

P.P.S.  In the 3rd Quarter earnings call CEO Tony Strange announced 100 positions gone as a result of synergies created by OneGentiva and the Harden deal.  He expects more as overlapping territories are addressed by the end of the year.  Chaos continues.

P.P.S.S.  Gentiva hit 300% turnover in corporate support positions for our site.  They did so by giving us another Area Operations Manager and Area Sales Manager.  Sixteen people have now occupied four slots in two years.

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