Wednesday, October 2, 2013

YCCOM's Many Meanings at Gentiva


Somewhere in Gentiva's hospice acquisition evolution it picked up YCCOM, which stands for "You Can Count on Me."  Maybe it had real meaning before the third or fourth buyout.  The other day a co-worker offered other interpretations of YCCOM.

"You Can Crap on Me"

"You Can Count on Mismanagement"

"You Can't Change our Mind"

"Your Controlling Character Obliterates Motivation"

"Your Conscience Cramps our Money"

"Your Counterfeit Chumminess Offends Me"

"Youthful Company Cheerleaders Oust Meaningfulness"

"Your Control Curtails our Morale"

"Your Creativity Contradicts our Management"

"Yellow Cowards Causing Outright Misery"

"You Can't Come (up short) on Metrics"

Other Gentivites:  Feel free to send any YCCOM's to  It's his Generic Hospice blog.  I only resonate with strangetony from a Gentiva perspective.  YCCOM away!


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